The industry and transport sectors stands for a big share of the Swedish greenhouse gas emissions and has a major role in the transition to a fossil free society. Industries and companies are starting to see business opportunities in a transformation and realise that being a forerunner in the efforts to reduce emissions and contribute to a fossil free society is not a burden.

Fossil Free Sweden has asked the different sectors to develop their own roadmaps for how to become fossil free before 2045. The roadmaps describe how each sector can increase their competitiveness by phasing out fossil fuels. They also identify obstacles and propose solutions.

The roadmaps are managed by either industry associations or companies in an open process that aims to include the entire sectors. The first roadmaps were handed over to the government in April 2018 and more are in progress.

Roadmaps and Contacts (in Swedish):
The aviation industry
The cement industry
The concrete industry
The construction industry
The forest industry
The grocery retail sector
The haulage industry
The mining and mineral industry
The steel industry

Roadmaps in process:
The heating industry
The IT consultancy industry
The shipping industry