Fossil Free Sweden was initiated  by the Swedish government ahead of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris in 2015 as the United Nations launched an Action Agenda, to show how enterprises, cities, municipalities and organisations contribute to climate efforts.

The ambition is to make Sweden one of the first fossil free welfare countries in the world. Not only because it is our responsibility to future generations, but because it makes economic sense. To achieve this, all actors in society must work actively to reduce emissions.

In Sweden, there are many enterprises, municipalities, associations and other types of actors that are able and willing to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They have realised that climate change adaptation paves the way for new business opportunities, technologies and better social solutions. Fossil Free Sweden is an opportunity for these actors to identify common challanges in their efforts to speed up the transition.

Fossil Free Sweden is open to all actors who support the declaration drawn up for the initiative. The declaration stipulates that actors participating in the initiative share the view that the world must become fossil free and that Sweden should lead the way in these efforts. The declaration also stipulates that actors who participate must be able to present concrete measures to reduce emissions.

Svante Axelsson is the national coordinator of Fossil free Sweden. He is the link between the actors and the government in the efforts to remove obstacles and create conditions to speed up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness
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